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August 2021 

The garden area has continued to provide a bit of calm to locals and visitors during the uncertain times but it is in need of a little TLC now as the weeds continue there determined bid to takeover.  Do feel free to pop up there, enjoy the outdoors and do a bit of weeding, think of it as free exercise! 

The NCCA are holding an event on 5th September to open the labyrinth, there will be a hog roast, see there website for more details, all welcome to attend. 

January 2021

The bulbs are starting to show promise of what is to come. Couldn't resist making this fella last week






















November 2020

Thanks to those members who have done an amazing job of trying to keep the weeds in order at this difficult time.  Wakefield council have now requested a risk assessment to be submitted before any work on the green can take place so please contact us if you wish to submit one.  We look forward to next spring when hopefully we can recommence work and continue to improve this space for our members and the local community.  

June 2020

Well what a year so far, a global pandemic and widely fluctuating weather has prevented much work taking place to date.  Despite these things the garden is still providing a haven a people who want some much needed fresh air and avoiding the crowds of the nearby lake and country park.  The teasels have got a bit out of hand and some of our members who have been enjoying a social distance chat at the garden have started to get them under control and cleared the paths. Its a great space to get away from things and also do some therapeutic weeding!

January 2020:

The wet weather of 2019 has hampered progress a bit but there are some new shrubs in the garden.  Hopefully this year it will continue to improve along with the weather, watch out for bulbs coming up and some work dates in the spring. 



August 2019:

Despite the weather the plants (and the weeds) are faring pretty well.  Whilst there is still plenty of weeding to do it is starting to take shape.  There are some apples and plums in the garden to try if you are quick enough to pick them! This week we have also added plaques to the benches in the garden 







June 2019:

Scones and strawberries in the garden.  The sun and rain are helping the garden grow. 


May 2019:

Paths have now been edged and members continue to put in some hard work on the site for the whole community to enjoy.  Great to see the bees enjoying the geraniums. Summer event on 15th June 2pm.  Join us for strawberries and scones at the garden.


April 2019: We joined with the NCCA volunteers for a productive few hours in the garden.  Weeds are almost under control thanks to some hard work by members.  We added some new plants but the weeding has made room for more.  Please feel free to bring any donations to the garden to fill a space. 



February 2019: Lovely to be at the Newmillerdam WI garden in this fine weather, some much needed weeding done in the sun.  Spring appears to be on its way. 


WI garden May 19.jpg
WI garden 2 May 19.jpg
WI garden.jpg
wi garden plaques.jpg
wi garden plaques.jpg
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