EVents  2021

Activities and Speakers Programme

Here you can keep up to date with all of our upcoming events, and for more info please contact us

Due to the pandemic we are currently holding meetings on zoom. Because of this we have not planned a full year programme and will regularly update with arranged speakers.  Please check monthly for updated information. We aim to recommence face to face meetings by September 2021 providing restrictions lifted  

 12th January          Jane Abramson - Send them back home (the role played by women in WW1)
9th February         Brian Oxbury - Dickens women
9th March              David Dale - A Spring surprise (stories, songs and poems)
13th April AGM     Jo Moseley- From crying in supermarkets to being the  1st woman to paddle board 162 miles coast to coast. 
11th May                Arun Gujaran - Tai Chi session. 
8th June                 Karen Wright - My bake off journey part 1
13th July                TBC

10th August           TBC
14th September    TBC
13th October         TBC
10th November     TBC

8th December        TBC

14th December     TBC