EVents  2020

Activities and Speakers Programme

Here you can keep up to date with all of our upcoming events, and for more info please contact us

14th January            Deborah Abrames - Fraud/Scam awareness, community banker
11th February          David Coop - Bees and flowers
10th March               Kevin Sharpe - Royal family
14th April AGM        AGM & Self defence techniques
12th May                  Sarah Cobham - Forgotten women
9th June                    Maggie Poppa - Retirement, What retirement? (feature writer for Down our way)    
14th July                    Paul Blakey MBE - Street Angels

11th August             Amanda Peters - Vintage Clothes and the stories they tell
8th September (friendship evening)* Karina Leacock - House of colour       
13th October            Chris Powell - Trash for treasure
10th November       Christine Freeman - Child victims of Crime (former police officer)

8th December         TBC

* Friendship evening to be held at Walton Hall.  All other meetings at Lakeside Centre, Newmillerdam